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Thank You to Our Customers


What our customers are saying

My whiting was amazing!! Perfect fry on it. I also had black eyed peas and cabbage that were both delicious. The best part was our service. We had great service and wonderful conversation. I would definitely recommend this place.

Tenesha M., Las Vegas, NV

Fried Chicken dinners is a thigh and drumstick cooked to a light flaky golden brown served with your choice of two sides and, for an additional 50 cents, add corn bread. We both had the Mac & Cheese and the potato salad. Both were excellent but overshadowed by the perfectly crispy fried chicken. The strawberry cake and lemon meringue pie were enticing but neither of us had left room for it. It has been a long dry spell here in Greensboro and finally I found a place that sells REAL Southern Fried chicken. My special thanks to Fred B. and Nikki M for their excellent reviews.

Highly recommend Funderburks!

Steven S., Greensboro, NC

I have really come to love this little place, located in the most unremarkable, most deserted shopping center in Gboro. This is solid soul food, served up by friendly, gracious people, led by Mr. Funderburk, his restaurant's best ambassador! And the word is spreading, the traffic seems to grow each week. The meatloaf is old school, thick and robust; the fried chicken has that distinctive, home cooked taste, with a lite, yet crunchy crust; and the fried whiting is perfectly cooked, and the portion size is very nice. Might want to give this place a look.

Fred B., Greensboro, NC

No meal can be complete without dessert. Do not miss dessert here. I repeat: Do not miss dessert. Several flavors of cake are offered each day. Each piece I have had has been incredibly moist and the frosting, impeccably smooth and creamy, almost like pudding. Strawberry, lemon and orange sherbet are my favorite flavors. And they are so $#@&!ing good! Y'all. Don't sleep on dessert. Seriously. Go. And take me with you. Please!

Nikki M., Winston-Salem, NC

Mary had read about this place in the paper and decided we had to try it out. We went after the lunch crowd so that it wouldn't be to busy (it sure is nice being retired and having the flexibility to come and go as we please). After this visit we now have two great places to get real home style cooking in the area. And since this is a little closer it may become a weekly regular stop. Mary had the meatloaf, which she is very picky about, and said she would come back just for that. She did let me have a little taste and it went on my must have list as well. I had to try the fried chicken, and it is going to be hard not having it on each visit but I do want to try other things. And the Mac 'n Cheese, wow what can you say! The only problem with that was I could have eaten twice as much! Maybe next time two servings of it. Mary had the green beans and I had the cabbage as sides and both were excellent. Then we sat for a while trying to decide what to have on our next visit. Maybe we will have to go twice a week!

David L., Greensboro, NC

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